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The Photographers: Elliot Landy

Some years ago (2011) I wrote a poem about Levon Helm. Levon Helm was a member of The Band, he was also a pretty good actor. One night, several years after having written the poem about Levon, I was listening to The Band while I was writing. I decided to look around for photos of The Band and this incredible shot of Levon Helm sitting backstage smoking a cigarette came up in the search. The photo was credited to one Elliot Landy. Elliot Landy, is a music photographer who happened to get into that scene in the late 1960s and happened to be around some artists who were well on their way to becoming iconic.

I’ve been a fan of The Band for a long time. If you are also a fan of The Band, there’s a great concert film, titled “The Last Waltz” directed by Martin Scorsese, that I highly reccomend.

Here’s a link to the work of Elliot Landy.

Featured photo: Levon Helm backstage Fillmore East NYC, 1969, photo credit Elliot Landy.


Here’s my poem about Levon Helm. Enjoy. TS


Strange Ode to Levon Helm

Thin volume
Strange Discourse
Of course
The amber bottle
The alchemical
all chemical
for resolutions
the best intentions

but not really.ย 

kick the tires
and light the fires
And Levon can light my cigarette.

Gotta get outta here.



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Alphonse Mucha, 1903


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